Welcome to Beautifully Graced LLC!


Hello Beautiful!

At Beautifully Graced LLC, we are passionate about paying attention to detail.  From the moment you enter our doors, you you will find that our goal is to pamper you in an environment that is just as beautiful as you are.   Our tranquil atmosphere, is very warm and relaxing allowing you to let your hair down and relax!  Our entrepreneurs are very attentive and eager to please.  Our mission is to ensure that you leave feeling genuinely cared for, refreshed and ready for the days to come.  

As you evolve so should your brand.  We are passionate about delivering luxurious cosmetics to your front door.  When you shop our brand, satisfaction is guaranteed.  Our cosmetics are vibrant, highly pigmented and provide full coverage and long wear.  Sensitive skin?  Rest easy knowing that all cosmetics are paraben free, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, halal certified, EU compliant and never tested on animals.   We are constantly finding ways to grow our cosmetic and product line.  We now have an exclusive vegan  line developed just for kids! But it doesn't stop there.  We are rebranding our look and adding more products that are all natural and can be purchased online soon.  So go ahead and try them for yourself, everything is now 50% off!  And always remember, you are beautiful of very high standards and graced an attractive presence! 

The Ladies of Beautifully Graced